VibrantPHX is a collaborative campaign to engage our community in creating an environment for economic vitality that we all can enjoy. We have the talent and the assets. Now it’s about bringing it all together to advance our region.
The WhyPHX Channel is your opportunity to tell your story of why the Phoenix-Metro area is a “Hot Place for Cool People.”
A montage of personal thoughts from local leaders who attended the VibrantPHX Unconference in Chandler about why they live in the Phoenix-metro area.
Stephen Booze, CIO, of Appointment-plus Software in Scottsdale, Arizona shares his perspective on why the Phoenix-metro area is fast becoming a technology hub.
Scott Salkin, Founder & CEO of IDS Technology Marketing in Scottsdale, Arizona describes why the Phoenix-Metro area is a great place for tech entrepreneurs.
Chris Conrey shares his insights and perspectives on why the Phoenix, AZ area is a great place to be... both for business and for quality of life.
Jennifer Rojas describes why the Phoenix-metro area is a diverse place with talented people doing great work.
Bryant Aplass, CEO of Explosion Sportswear shares his views about why Phoenix and Arizona should be on your list of places to be.
Greg Taylor shares why he moved his business from out of state to Phoenix, AZ and what he loves about the area.
Comedian Kevin O'Dea holds no punches in his comedic take on WHY PHX. All wisecracks are made in jest... this man loves Tempe and the Greater Phoenix area.
Cheyenne Rowell is the founder of Kitchen Pair, Inc. and AZ Kitchen Incubator in Gilbert, Arizona. She shares her reasons about why the Phoenix-metro area is a great place for her business and family.
Kameron Williams of LilliMedia shares his passionate story about why the Greater Phoenix area is a great place for his family, children and his business.
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